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Riggs Partners Announces New Practice Area

COLUMBIA, SC (July 18, 2023) – Riggs Partners, a marketing and communications consultancy headquartered in Columbia, SC, announces the formation of a new practice area within the firm called For Goodness Sakes. It will specialize in communications for behavioral change and base its work in the principles of behavioral science.

“For Goodness Sakes is a natural extension of our firm’s longstanding commitment to social impact work,” said Kevin Smith, strategy director of Riggs Partners. “It began with a desire to support nonprofits through our CreateAthon® program and grew into 25 years’ worth of shaping communications that have addressed some of the most compelling and complex issues of our time. We’re taking all we’ve learned through this experience and applying the science of behavioral change to the equation as we work with nonprofits, foundations and governmental agencies on initiatives that can address public health and well-being.”

The practice area’s research-driven approach is supported by the dual-system theory of behavioral change, coupled with a bespoke process of interpreting the research and uncovering the insights that inform communications strategies. “Our approach has been field tested in our previous work on public initiatives, and we look forward to taking it to the next level as we continue to shape communications that help people make positive choices in their lives,” said Smith.

To learn more about For Goodness Sakes, visit fgsakes.com.