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Call for Applications: Riggs Partners’ CreateAthon 2024 Offers Pro Bono Marketing to Nonprofits

COLUMBIA, S.C. (December 12, 2023) — Riggs Partners will hold its 26th annual CreateAthon event to benefit Midlands- and Upstate-area nonprofits on March 7-8, 2024. CreateAthon is a 24-hour creative marathon during which professionals provide marketing services to nonprofit organizations on a pro bono basis.

Riggs Partners encourages South Carolina’s Midlands and Upstate nonprofits to submit a CreateAthon application by January 19. As part of the application, nonprofits can submit a video sharing how they feel CreateAthon can best serve their organization. Application details are here, and selected nonprofits will be notified in February 2024.

“We’re always happy to see CreateAthon season come, and this year is no different,” said Teresa Coles, President of Riggs Partners. “We learn so much from the nonprofit leaders we work with, especially how the social issues they address are evolving and becoming more pervasive. We feel the urgency behind the work we do through CreateAthon now more than ever, and it’s a privilege to meet and support so many people who work tirelessly to make a difference on these issues.”

CreateAthon began as Riggs Partners’ local community service program in 1998 and is now a national 501(c)(3) organization that has recruited more than 100 marketing and communications agencies, universities, professional organizations and corporate marketing teams as CreateAthon partners. This partner network has cumulatively served 2,000+ nonprofit organizations in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and Romania; produced 3,800+ pro bono marketing projects; and delivered pro bono marketing and communications work valued at more than $30 million. Riggs Partners has served more than 200 South Carolina nonprofits since the program’s inception.